Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Studio Makeover, Part IV: Design Wall

I wish I had a fully finished sewing room to show for the Sewing Studio Spotlight, but my studio makeover is still a work in progress.  Most of the major elements are in, however, although I'm still waiting for those darned floating shelves to arrive.  (I think they may have floated out to sea or something!)  Here's my newly completed design wall, which I just finished putting up today:

I've never managed to find room for a design wall and have instead made do with beds, tables, and floors for years.  My studio has limited free wall space, but I realized I could hang small design boards from the folding door of the closet in addition to using the space next to the closet door.  This design board triptych, made from 3/4" thick insulation foam covered with quilt batting, isn't huge, but it's big enough for my wall quilts, which are rarely larger than 40" high x 60" wide.  The two panels on the door are each 14" wide x 48" high, while the third panel is 38" wide x 68" high.

Lest you find my studio sterile in its uncluttered glory, here's a more honest angle:

Two weekends ago, I also replaced a pile of cardboard storage boxes with an Antonius drawer/basket system from Ikea, along with a much smaller pile of cardboard boxes:

I have another drawer set that can be stacked on top of the first one, but for now, I'm going to stick with the current arrangement, since I like having the open space beneath the wall cabinet.  Eventually, I'll make a fabric cover for the wire baskets, and I'll place washi paper on the inside of the glass doors to protect my fabric from light.  I would have preferred solid doors, but unfortunately, Ikea doesn't make them in that size.

Alas, I haven't made any quilting progress lately, but at least the design wall is getting some use, and the quilt on the left should get some attention in the upcoming week.   I'm linking up to the Studio Spotlight at Ellison Lane, The Needle and Thread Network, and later, to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.  If you want a more complete view of my studio and the state of the makeover thus far, please check out the following links:

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Happy quilting, everyone!


  1. This is going to be a great space to be creative!

  2. What a great idea to hang small boards! I may try to find space to do that myself.

  3. It is sew great to have a space that is just right!

  4. You have a great sewing space. I love how you cut a little hole in the section over the door pull to maximize your space. Very clever!


  5. Love what I've seen...trade ya!! lol It is going to be gorgeous!!

  6. great out of the box thinking with your design wall - very clever!

  7. Great idea for the design wall! I make do with a fabric curtain on which I have to pin my blocks instead of doors to protect my fabrics.....

  8. Love those Ikea cabinets! Sterile? Not at all! It takes time to warm up a place and you never really finish, anyway. So enjoy it and know that we're really happy you shared. Your design wall solution alone is worth lots of thanks from those of us who also need to think out of the box.