Sunday, June 12, 2016


I hardly know where May went, and June is already speeding by as well.  Amid lots of travel related to the day job, however, I've managed some sewing here and there.  I'm trying to ramp up the action in my Etsy shop, and in May, I made a half a dozen kimono silk drawstring bags, five of them pictured here:

Things were so busy, that I've only just started to list them over the last few days.

Also, remember the bed quilt I was working on last summer?  I've resumed quilting, with significant progress:

There's more travel headed my way, so I'm not sure I can get the quilt done by the end of the month.  But in July, there should be a brand new quilt on our bed, to replace the sad-looking duvet that's there at the moment.

Happy summer, and happy quilting!