Saturday, August 3, 2013

Studio Makeover, Part I: The Semi-Before Photos

As I mentioned earlier, I'm installing some new cabinetry and shelves in my sewing room in order to try and get the clutter under control.  I'm too embarrassed to show the true "before" photos, but I'm willing to show at least some of the challenge.  Here's what things looked like earlier today, with the room prepped for work:

My studio is a ground floor room, about 10' x 11', with windows that take up most of one side, as well as two doors, since the room functions as a passage way to the rear of the house (I won't explain Vancouver urban architecture and the way most houses are cut up for multiple suites and rentals).  Here you see the view from the entryway and the arrangement of my cutting table and sewing machine table.  The plan is to install 72" of kitchen cabinetry on that back wall, with a 72" long floating shelf directly below.

I also have storage just to the left of the entryway:

Here I'm part-way through my renovation--you'll have to imagine what it looked like without the wall cabinet, which I installed last week.  And no, the space didn't look nearly as orderly as it does at the moment.  In addition to the wall cabinet, I'm also planning on installing a floating shelf halfway between the top of the wall cabinet and the ceiling, and I have a metal frame and wire baskets that will replace some of the red boxes on the right.

As you've probably guessed, most of the existing furniture is from Ikea, and most of the new installations are as well, although I think I'm going to get the floating shelves from somewhere else.  I'm particularly pleased with the Billy wall shelf, because with the help of various chat forums and websites, I did a bit of an Ikea hack.  I mounted the shelf with an Akurum kitchen rail, so that I could hang it from the wall studs, rather than relying on drywall to bear weight.  The method worked perfectly, so much so that for the life of me, I don't know why Ikea doesn't recommend it for everyone.

I'm excited about how things are shaping up, and how I hope my studio will look by the end of the long weekend.


  1. looks like you are making good progress here! Revamps of sewing spaces can be difficult - especially the moving everything out so that you can actually do the work. Good luck with getting it finished off so that you can get back to sewing!

    1. Thanks for the support! I spent a good portion of yesterday getting the wall cabinets up, and today I'm hoping to buy the floating shelves and get them mounted as well. With any luck, I'll be sewing again by Monday or Tuesday.