Monday, August 5, 2013

Studio Makeover, Part II: The Waiting Game

Yesterday, I went to buy the floating shelves for my studio, only to find that the ones I want are on backorder, and I will have to wait 2-4 weeks for them to arrive.  I suppose it's an object lesson on home renovation as an exercise in delayed gratification.

Thus my sewing room makeover is on hold for now, although there's still plenty of organizing to be done in the meantime.  Since I didn't have shelves to install yesterday afternoon, instead I put together a metal frame and baskets (Ikea's Antonius system) for fabric storage, which necessitated refolding all of my batik fabrics, and that took hours.  Fortunately, my traditional-width Japanese cottons didn't require nearly as much effort. 

For Mrrr, chaos meant opportunity:

Mrrr discovers the benefits of home renovation

Unfortunately for Mrrr, all of the renovation wreckage has been put away, so that I can get back to sewing as I wait for my shelves to arrive.  I've started a new quilt and hope to report some progress for WIP Wednesday. 


  1. the old hurry up and wait syndrome! Been there!

    1. I guess we've all been there...but I'm still impatient!!