Sunday, August 5, 2012

Something else is ripening...

One of the many talented quilters in the guild I belong to, the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild, calls her blog "What Comes Next?" That pretty much sums up my state of mind, because even though I have one quilt ready for quilting, and another top nearly done, I also have so many other quilts roaming around in my head and begging for existence. Fabric collecting ends up being a vicarious form of quilt-making: if I don't have time yet to put together the quilt I'm imagining, at least I have the fabric for it!

Here's one of my tempting piles:

I'm not sure every one of these fabrics will make it into the same quilt, but I've been collecting turquoise blues, bright yellowish greens, and greenish yellows for an improvisational quilt that will invoke the colors of summer. There are hand dyed cottons, batiks, stripes, and other fabrics, and this pile is just about ready for cutting and sewing, once I'm in the right frame of mind for it.

I don't have all of the fabrics yet, but I'm also planning a baby quilt:

The quilt will be for my recently born granddaughter in Russia. (Technically, she's my husband's granddaughter, and I do feel a little on the young side to be a granny, but I'm ready to take up the role.) Hopefully I will manage to make her quilt before she's walking on two feet.

I'm thinking about mixing in some grays for her quilt:

Gray might seem unorthodox for a baby quilt, but this way the quilt won't scream "red" in a really loud and monotonous way, but it will still be plenty bright and cheerful.

That doesn't even begin to describe all of the quilts I'm itching to work on. What about all of the Japanese kasuri and katazome quilts I have in mind? The series of lattice quilts? The raw-edge pieced quilts with hand-printed linens and linen-cotton mixed fabrics? The batik bed quilt for our bedroom? The quilt with the great batiks from Zimbabwe? The fun blue-and-white cat fabric that I want to build a quilt around? The other cat fabrics I collected about 7-8 years ago? The elephant batik that goes with the Cherrywood hand-dyes from around 6 years ago? The music fabrics for the second jazzy quilt that I hoped to make, in series with "Starry Night Jazz," which I made in 1991? The quilt of shibori-dyed cottons, most of which I haven't even purchased yet? Not to mention the UFOs still hanging around the house.

Stay tuned!

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