Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Batik quilt, 2011

I've been ruminating over my personal style and approach to quilt design, and I think my quilts tend to fall into three basic, sometimes overlapping, categories. First, I have an interest in single block designs, particularly blocks that interact to create larger visual effects. Second, I've been working recently in a much more improvisatory style, one that explores colour, visual texture, and motion through the more spontaneous placement of design elements. Third, I love Japanese fabrics, and many of my quilts concentrate on showcasing their beauty.

Perhaps the simplest single block design is the basic repeated square. Here's an example in a batik quilt that I completed last year:

I made this quilt for "Quilts for Japan," a volunteer project based in Alberta that launched a drive to send quilts to the victims of the terrible earthquake and tsunami that took place in March. As someone who works with and admires Japanese textiles so immensely, I felt a special responsibility to contribute. I hope the quilt made someone's life just a little bit easier, even if only for a moment.


  1. Beautiful quilt! I really love batik fabrics and you've arranged the colors so beautifully from warm to cool. Wonderful that you donated it to Japan. Also, thank you so much for linking to my blog from yours!

    1. Thanks, Kit! I've been lurking around your Etsy shop for a while and just love your gorgeous katazome work. The skill and beauty of your dyeing is amazing!