Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kumo shibori (II): Freehand rings

After dyeing the stitched kumo shibori circles, I thought they looked a bit too precise and regular, so I wanted to bind some freehand kumo shibori rings.  I prepped two pieces: the first with rows of three rough circles evenly spaced (along with a line of more randomly tied kumo circles) on a fat quarter, and the second with kumo binding close together all over a small piece of fabric.  Here's how the fabrics looked after tying:

Do they remind you of sea urchins, or some other watery ocean find?

Here are the final results, after multiple rounds of dipping:

Now that I've seen these raggedy circles, I think I prefer the carefully stitched ones!  But the dense clusters in the second piece are sort of fun and remind me of sand dollars.

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  1. I agree that I liked the stitched circles from last time better than the first piece here. But, I love the random placement of the second piece!! It is totally exuberant -- fantastic energy, and very appropriate for the more organic shapes. What fun you are having!