Sunday, August 3, 2014

From the dye vat: Last week's highlights

Here's a little show and tell from last week's dye vat:

Shirokage (white shadow):

Two techniques for circles: nui (stitched) shibori and kumo (spiderweb) shibori:

Nui shibori with overcast and running stitches:

My absolute favorite from this batch, with a combination of stitching and tying techniques:

I tried refolding and redyeing some earlier pieces of itajime.  They weren't terrific, thanks to my pH problems, but this piece shows some of the potential:

One piece of arashi (pole-wrapped) shibori:

Solids, mostly redyed from earlier sessions:

Unfortunately, it's incredibly difficult to reproduce the true colors of all of these fabrics, especially the solids.  I'll try for better photos later on, when I say more about the different techniques involved.

But first, I'm getting ready for another round of indigo: I'm in the midst of tying of various FQs and prepping some pole-wrapped fabrics.   I will spend tomorrow's BC Day holiday at the dye vat!

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  1. Love this August holiday! It is Simcoe Day here. Everything turned out amazing. I love the leaves, of course, but I also really like the sharp lines on the arashi. Have a great day, and I'm wishing you perfect pH!