Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The farm report

Plum season is almost here!  I've had my eye on this plum all week:

It's still not quite ready yet, but it is oh-so-close and tempting.

DH and I have also been enjoying the occasional fig over the past few days.  In addition, although we're only getting a decent amount of fruit from one of our three blueberry bushes this year, that one bush is looking good:

We've been scarfing blueberries for the past couple of weeks, although I have to confess that the vast majority of them come from our local farmers' market.  During the season, I buy a five-pound box every Saturday from Beckmann Berry Farm.

I haven't been sewing much lately, although I did manage to make a bunch of drawstring bags and zippered pouches for my Etsy shop a week ago or so.  Here's a shot of a few of them:

Sewing time has been scarce lately for a variety of reasons.  First, I came across the Studio Ghibli film fest at the Pacific Cinematheque, so we've been spending a lot of evenings at the movies over the past ten days.  Second, my big baking project took a big chunk of time out of the weekend.  Third, I'm in the midst of remodeling in my sewing room and am installing a lot of wall cabinetry in order to try and get the clutter under control.  I'm too embarrassed to show any "before" photos, but I hope I'll have some photos of the end result by early next week.  I'm planning big trips to Rona and Ikea this weekend.

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