Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lattice Quilt: WIP Wednesday

The weather in Vancouver has been gorgeous of late, so I haven't felt the need to work with the bright colors of the "Echino Spring" quilt that I started back in March.  Instead, I pulled out my recently purchased fabrics from Moda's "Kasuri" line and started a new lattice quilt.  The piecing is almost done, although I noticed a couple of misplaced strips in the lower left that I will need to redo, so the seam ripper will be coming out soon.

I've mentioned before that I often enjoy working with single repeated blocks that form more intricate patterns when lined up side-by-side.  I came up with the block pattern for the lattice quilt back in 1994, as a way to experiment with color gradations and illusions of depth that I hoped to produce by overlaying a seemingly interlaced grid over a background.  I don't know that the basic block is original, since the idea seems so simple that I can't imagine no one has tried it before, but at the very least, I developed it independently when I made my "Autumn Lattice" quilt nearly twenty years ago.

I always thought I would work in series with the lattice design, but it took me 17 years to return to it, when I made "Lattice II" for VMQG's Kona challenge two years ago.  The current quilt is the third in the series, and I hope I'll keep working at it over the next few years.


  1. What a neat effect you have going on the lattice quilt top. I love the scrappiness of it.

  2. Wow. What a stunning quilt. The lattice effect is so striking.

  3. I'd love to hear more about the process of the quilt - it's intriguing

  4. this is a great design - you've done a fabulous job with your fabric selection and placement