Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's WIP Wednesday already? Really??

How can it already be time for WIP Wednesday?  I caught a summer cold just under a week ago, which I suppose has distorted my sense of time more than usual.  Plus, it's actually still late Tuesday night here in the Pacific Northwest.  Anyway, I did finish my lattice quilt top, and I got it basted as well:

I think the quilt is shaping up nicely, but in making the top, I've learned that I don't particularly like working with a single designer fabric line.  The colors seem too coordinated, and I'm missing the spontaneity that comes from picking through my stash and putting unexpected fabrics together.  The issue didn't bother me last year when I worked with the Kaffe Fassett woven stripes, perhaps because stripes are such a basic design element, or maybe because that line offers such a wide variety of colorways.  In this case, though, the fabric choices feel too obvious, at least to me, although I do like the overall quilt design, with the lattice work on top of the diamond-in-a-square background.

It was much more interesting to decide on the fabrics for the border:

I pulled about eight fabrics from my stash--different blues, some solid, some stripes, some patterned.  In the end, I settled on a thicker dark indigo blue fabric with lighter blue threads woven through it for the inner border.  I can't remember where I got this fabric (Spool of Thread, maybe?), but it's wonderful, and I wish I had much more of it.  For the outer border, to my surprise, a crisp, lightweight Japanese yukata fabric did the trick.

For added visual interest, I also decided it would be fun to miter just two of the corners, and do a straight finish in the other two corners.  Here's a close-up of one of the latter:

I've started the quilting and will post new photos in next week's WIP Wednesday.  Until then!


  1. I love the colors and pattern! Very pretty, yet masculine.

  2. I know what you mean about fabrics from one collection seeming too coordinated. I love the colors, the border fabrics, and your corner treatment.