Sunday, March 3, 2013

VMQG-FVMQG travel swap: Part II

Back in January, I wrote about the items I made for my swap partner, as part of a travel-themed swap between the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and our local sister group, the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild. I've been wanting to show off the wonderful items I received in return, but it's taken weeks for my free time to mesh with decent weather for photography. Finally, we have a beautiful, sunny day on a weekend when I'm not running around like mad (or rather, we had a bright, sunny morning--it's already starting to cloud up again), and I can share my swap partner L.'s wonderful work.

I gave L. a lot of leeway. Among other things, I mentioned that I always think black and white plus a bright color makes for a good combination, and that, to my surprise, I've found myself attracted to greens lately, as opposed to my usual favorite blues, purples, and reds. L. took those color ideas to heart, and at the January VMQG meeting, I received this awesome tote:

More than that, when I opened it up, I found practically an entire craft gallery of exciting goodies inside:

I had thought it would be nice to get a luggage tag or two, so I was completely floored by all that L. had done! The tote was filled with luggage tags, pouches, a travel sewing kit, and other prizes galore. I had also mentioned a weakness for gingko leaves, and L. made sure to incorporate a wonderful gingko leaf fabric into much of the loot, including this lovely little jewelry pouch:

I also particularly appreciated this portable sewing kit, cleverly made up as a wire-bound, fabric-covered book, which also included a special pocket for scissors and a handy pin-holder:

Belated thanks to you, L.! I'm completely thrilled the generous travel kit you made, and I'm looking forward to taking advantage of everything when I hit the road this spring!

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