Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Echino playtime

About two weeks ago, I started playing with my Echino fabrics by making a couple of slightly wonky framed blocks in a simple log cabin style. Then I caught a nasty cold, which put me in bed for a week, except for the half-days when I absolutely had to drag myself to work. I finally felt up for some sewing this past weekend, and I made another ten blocks, for a total of a dozen:

I haven't planned my next step yet--after all, it's called improv piecing for a reason, right? One possibility would be to set the blocks in a close configuration, for a smaller wall quilt:

I'll probably end up starting with a more open arrangement, however. As I've mentioned before, I often develop quilts through an improvisational approach, in which I start with a few main design elements (in this case, the twelve blocks thus far), figure out a rough placement that offers some visual excitement, and then fill in the space left in between. Here's one possibility that I like:

Here's another, tighter option that's a little more regular and structured, but that still offers plenty of room for creative decisions:

As you can see with all three ideas thus far, I like that central aqua blue zig-zag in some form or another as a visual anchor. Whether it really needs to run all the way from top to bottom, I'm not so sure yet, but it will definitely be a feature of this quilt.

Finally, here's the wreckage left behind on my sewing table after just a few hours of piecing:

Happy sewing, everyone!


  1. Love the bright colours framing the Echino - perfect!

    I'd be inclined to choose the option that features that great blue zig zag made by the frames!

  2. So cheery and fun! I like the blue zig zag, too.

  3. Beautiful colours! I'll be interested to see how it turns out. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely bright fresh colours, my stash seems to be more autumn colours... I need bright... jealous!!

  5. This really feels like Spring to me! Just what I need after weeks of rain/snow!

  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone, and for your advice! I've decided (I think) to start with the most open arrangement, but as I fill in, I'll be extending the blue zig-zag so that it's more prominent than at the moment. I'm also happy about the bright spring colors after a long, rainy, and dreary winter. Of course, here in Vancouver we're likely to have a long, rainy, and dreary spring as well, but that's precisely why I need to make this quilt. Actually, it's sunny at the moment, and the days are so much longer than they were a few scant weeks ago, so it does feel as if spring is here.