Sunday, September 16, 2012

A beautiful day of quilting

Yesterday I joined our guild-sponsored, all-day, 13-hour quilting retreat in beautiful Lions Bay, BC, organized by Krista of Poppyprint, who regularly offers retreats for eager quilters looking for a full day of concentrated sewing. We enjoyed a wonderful day of creativity, along with good food, show and tell, door prizes, and general camaraderie. My energy was already flagging considerably by 5 p.m., so the piecing went pretty slowly after that, but it was so much fun just to hang out, wander around to see other people's projects, and chit-chat throughout the evening.

I worked on two projects--the baby quilt that I've mentioned earlier, as well as a new quilt featuring Japanese fabrics. I had originally planned to put together some ID holder wristlets, but when the big day arrived, it seemed so much more interesting to work with a pile of Japanese indigos!

I'm saving the photos of my full progress to reveal on WIP Wednesday. More coming soon!

Added on 9/17-9/25: Other VMQG members are also starting to post their achievements at the retreat! Janet finished a beautifully quilted charity quilt, and Felicity worked on a variety of lively projects. Finally, see here for Holly's happy reflections on the retreat, plus a few hints of her own work on that glorious Saturday.


  1. it was a great day! Loves those indigos

  2. It was a wonderful day and I'm glad you were there to be part of it! Congrats on piecing your entire baby quilt top, love those elephants!

  3. Yes, it certainly was a fabulous day! I loved seeing your wonderful projects, as well as all of the other great things everyone else was doing. What an exciting day of accomplishment for all of us!