Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we dye"

It's been a busy week of scarf-making, quilt piecing, and dyeing preparation.  The forecast for tomorrow and Thursday is looking good, so assuming the weather holds, I will be back at the indigo dye vat early tomorrow morning!  In anticipation of the great event, I've been busy prepping nui shibori pieces.  At VMQG's recent sew-in on Sunday, I spent most of my time stitching and pulling threads, and I've continued since then as well:

In quilting news, I drove across the border Saturday morning to pick up the Kona grays that I ordered, and happily the darker of the two was the one I needed, and I've been able to resume work on my MQG challenge quilt.  In this case, "M" is for match:

For my Etsy shop, I continued sewing infinity scarves and have a bunch of new ones that are nearly ready for listing.  In a new twist, I came up with the idea of inserting a knot as a decorative detail:

I didn't anticipate the knot's versatility, but it happens to offer all sorts of stylistic possibilities, depending on how tightly it's pulled or how the knot is shaped.  To see some of the variations, please feel free to click this link to my scarf listed at Momiji Studio on Etsy.  

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday on Freshly Pieced and The Needle and Thread Network.  Now off to bed, and dreams of indigo dyeing!


  1. Interesting projects and what an idea to add knot!

  2. I really like that loosened knot in the scarf, it does look like a bow! Perhaps a pin in the centre would stabilise it more? Very lovely!

  3. The knot is a lovely addition to your scarf. Indigo dying sounds very exciting :)

  4. The knot is just the right touch....the first piece with the thread pulling looks interesting

  5. Hmm.... looking forward to seeing what your MM MQG challenge quilt will become. The variety of things popping up on the internet is amazing!