Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finished! Shibori study #1

Last week's quilt is done: my first finish for 2014!

I might end up redoing part of the binding on the left-hand side, since some of the hand-stitched ending up peeking through to the front.  I think some of those stitches are visible in this close-up:

Yes, I know those stitches aren't that easy to see, but I'm picky.

Here are a few other close-ups, which show off the hand-quilting:

It was so satisfying to make this quilt--I love its graphic simplicity, and the speed with which it came together.  At the fall workshop, we used a lightweight organic cotton for most of our dyeing, and although I prefer working with heavier, more durable fabric, the lightweight cotton made the hand-quilting a breeze.  I still have a fair amount of leftover shibori, and I've already cut into it for another quilt. 

In other quilting news, my guild is running a UFO challenge this year.  I signed up with intentions to finish three quilts in progress: the Echino wall quilt that I started a year ago, the katazome improv quilt that I worked on at a retreat about a year-and-a-half ago, and the fun flannel quilt that I stalled on recently in favor of the shibori quilt.  But I don't think I'll get to any of these until I do the next shibori quilt.  Once I joined the challenge, I also immediately thought of another three quilts that could use finishing--two of which I haven't even started yet!  But hey, I have until October, right?


  1. Nice shibori study! I would love to dye fabs, but haven't taken on that project yet since I have so many other works in progress. I understand that you don't want those little edge stitches showing, but it gives it the appeal of all of your hand stitching :) Stopping by from WIP, Julie @ RunningHen.blogspot.com

  2. stunning! I love shibori and I love all the different techniques you used and combined into the finished piece.

  3. A wonderful quilt, and with those hand dyed fabrics it looks very intricate. Congrats on a great finish!

  4. It's so visually appealing. I could look at it for ages and always see something different in the design. It's stunning.

  5. Beautiful! I've only done that in a totally amateur way, but I'm in awe, and maybe in another life...