Sunday, December 30, 2012

Let the quilting begin (again)!

At last, I started quilting the baby quilt about a week ago, and today the weather finally cleared up enough to allow a couple of half-decent photographs.

Here's my test/warm-up swatch, in which I tried Angela Walters' "jagged tile" pattern:

Before I tried the pattern in fabric, I did a lot of doodling sketches, to develop some muscle memory of the swirl and curved spike pattern. I discovered that I need to concentrate on making the swirls as circular as possible--easier said than done, especially on the sewing machine. I'm still fairly new to free motion quilting, and when I haven't tried any for a while, I do a test swatch to develop some rhythm. I realized that the jagged tile approach would require too many straight lines drawn side-to-side, which I'm really terrible at doing, so for the quilt itself, I decided just to do a swirl and curved spike all-over pattern.

I've quilted about an eighth of the quilt thus far. Here's a peek at how it's going:

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